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Polish .pl Domains – Part of ccTLD Fast Growing Domain Market

Nominet (registry for names) has recently published 2008 domain name industry report with very interesting information inside. You can find there quite a lot of useful data regarding ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domains) as well as global domain name statistics, growth rates etc. I really encourage you to read it carefully, because it’s a great source of precious knowledge.

Out of 174 millions domain names 45% is .com (down from 50% in 2005), ccTLD market accounts for 40% and it is constantly increasing (biggest markets are .cn – China and .de – Germany – each of them has 7% of domain pie). Other ccTLDs which are worth mentioning: – 4%, .nl – 1.7%. There are also several ccTLDs with more than 0.5% of total domain market share (more than 1 million domains). These are .it, .us, .br, .ru, .au, .fr, .ch, .pl, .ca, .jp, and .es. Some of those TLDs are growing very fast (statistics include last 12 months) – like Chinese .cn – 88.1% growth, Spanish .es – 67.1% growth, Polish .pl – 66.7%, Russian .ru – 64.2%. France, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Argentina grew by more than 20%. It shows the potential of ccTLD market and how lucrative market it can be in the near future.

Let’s look at growth rates among groups of domain names – gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains like .com, .net, .org, and .info) – 10% growth compared to 30% growth in 2006. ccTLDs26% growth (37% in 2006). It seems that ccTLD market wasn’t affected by the crisis so much as global domain market. Back in 2007 when I talked with other attendees of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference there were almost no interest in ccTLD market. Now this most known domain conference is coming to Europe in June 2009 and would be devoted entirely  to country code domains. Also live auction at the Netherlands T.R.AF.F.I.C. show will consist entirely of ccTLDs – as DNJournal informs.

OK, so have a look at one of those growing ccTLD markets – Poland. The country in Central Europe with population of 38 million, part of European Union since May 2004, one of the biggest countries in EU. With GDP PPP (gros domestic product, purchasing power parity) of $16,000 per capita (45% of GDP PPP per capita in France, Germany, UK or Canada but slightly more than in Russia and more than twice as much as in Ukraine). There are 1,277,000 .pl names (including and few other less popular extensions) and this number grew by 70% in last 365 days. This gives .pl domain 7th place in Europe as regards of domain quantity, just ten thousand domains less than .fr quantity. According to NASK (.pl registry) statistics – there are 5.42% of .pl domains parked. NameDrive accounts for 59% and Sedo for 41% of Polish parked names. You can find more statistics in NASK Q3 2008 report.

Domain market in Poland is very dynamic and fast growing market – has its own discussion boards, domain conferences, dropcatchers, aftermarket sites, Polish registry NASK offers DNT (Domain Name Tasting), WLS (Waiting List Service) and IDNs. .pl domain is also open for international investors – there is no local presence required, registration is fully automated and can be delivered by one of the NASK Partners. Cost of registration of .pl is as low as 10 PLN ($3). Renewal rates are much higher (unfortunately!) – 60 PLN ($20) per year. Renewal rate for .pl will be lowered next year to 40 PLN.

Recent .pl sales ($1 = 3 PLN, €1 = 3.80 PLN) (lawyers) – 70,000 PLN (MeetDomainers / (doctors) – 14,000 EUR (Sedo) (cameras) – 42,000 PLN (MeetDomainers / (photographs) – 26,000 PLN (MeetDomainers / (other word for flowers) – 18,000 PLN ( – (expert) – 17,080 PLN ( (impotence) – 17,000 PLN (
samochó (car – IDN) – 11,080 PLN (

I hope those information were interesting and useful. I will try to keep you up to date with Polish domain market and post quite often. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

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