Archive for December, 2008 (Spanish 3-Letter ccTLD) Sold for 10,600 USD at Sedo

Spanish national was sold yesterday at Sedo online auction for 10,600 USD. This is one of the highest 3-letter ccTLD public sale ever. This is twice as much as the minimum wholesale price for 3-letter .com names (source). Another big sale of 3-letter ccTLD was (Poland) sold for 20,304 PLN (6,800 USD) in February 2007. Both of this domain names are 3-letter premium domains.

Average wholesale price for .pl, .es and many other 3-letter ccTLDs is few hundred dollars at D2D market (Domainer-to-Domainer). But end user prices are very often between 1,000 – 3,000 USD. Few examples of 3-letter ccTDLs sold recently (source): 1,650 EUR (Switzerland) 1,500 EUR (European Union) 1,400 EUR (European Union) 1,000 EUR (France)

In my opinion, this shows nice potential in 3-letter ccTLD market, where you can buy cheap (200-500 USD) and sell for few thousand USD. But to achieve good prices – you need to sell to end users rather to investors.

I personally own 1000+ 3-letter ccTLD domains (mainly .pl TLD) and I believe this is much better investment than 3-letter .com domains, where the wholesale price is already quite high and potential growth is lower than in ccTLD market.

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Opportunity to Invest in Two Letter .PL ccTLD

LA.PL – Polish two letter ccTLD domain name is on auction at – Polish biggest domain name aftermarket site. There is one bid at a value of about $4,150 US (12,000 PLN) and reserve is met. Dot PL is the 6th biggest ccTLD in Europe with 1.3 million domain names registered. Polish domain extension is also in TOP3 fastest growing TLDs in the world, which was recently reported by both Nominet and VeriSign.

To place a bid for LA.PL domain please visit:

Site is available in English and all transactions are secured with escrow service, so you are 100% safe when buying or selling Polish names at Auction ends on Dec/18/2008 8:00 CET (EST – 6:00).

You can use currancy converter to check current currency rate.

The highest reported two letter .pl domain sale was SS.PL auctioned for $31,816 US two months ago at Sedo (source InsideDomaining). The same buyer purchased SS.TV domain in July 2008 at Sedo for $21,500 US (source DNForum).

Anyone can be owner of .pl domain. You don’t need to have address or live in Poland to own Polish domain name. There is also no limit of number of domains that you can have in your portfolio. Renewal fee for .pl domains varies from $15 to $30 (depends on the registrar you choose).

Please mind the fact that author of this post is the current owner of domain name.

I will be reporting all interesting .pl domain name public auctions to give you a possibility to invest in ccTLD domain market (in .PL market in that case). In the meantime you can try to find some names here – the list includes all .pl names on public auctions with one bid at least. To translate names into English please use Google translate tool.

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Poland Has More Domains Than France

Based on statistics delivered by NASK (Polish domain registry) and AFNIC (.fr registry) as from December 1st 2008 there are more .PL domain names (including and few other extensions) than .FR domains. This gives Polish .pl ccTLD 6th place in Europe with 1.29 million domain names registered.

Top 10 ccTLDs in Europe

.de (Germany) – 12.4 mln (United Kingdom) – 7.2 mln
.nl (Netherlands) – 3.16 mln
.ru (Russia) – 1.8 mln
.it (Italy) – 1.61 mln
.pl (Poland) – 1.29 mln
.fr (France) – 1.28 mln
.ch (Switzerland) – 1.17 mln
.es (Spain) – 1.1 mln
.dk (Denmark) – 0.96 mln


.eu (European Union) – 2.96 mln – this TLD should be treated more like .com or maybe .asia but not like ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain).


Distribution of different extensions among .pl ccTLD

.pl – 865.000 domains – 67% – 244.000 domains – 19% – 27.000 domains – 2% – 20.000 domains – 1.5% – 19.000 domains – 1.4%
others – 115.000 domains – 9%


Polish ccTLD is one of the fastest growing TLDs in the world – growth rate in the last 12 months – 66.7%.

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