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Domain Roundtable 2009 Extended Auction Results

54 domains were sold at Domain Roundtable 2009 extended auction. Total sales grosses $81,774. 52 of them were .com and only two were .org domains.

Top sales at the auction: $24,800 $12,200 $7,500 €3,905 €3,600 €3,600 €3,550 €2,122 €1,440 €1,064 €1,000 $8,000 $5,000 $2,245 $1,500 $1,250 $1,200 $1,200 $1,000

Results were similar to those at TRAFFIC ccTLDs extended auction a week ago, where total sales were €75,701 ($105,000).

Full list of sold domain names at the auction.

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The Future of TRAFFIC Conference

As you probably heard – Rick Latona teams up with Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu to organize TRAFFIC conferences in 2010 and beyond. This includes not only European TRAFFIC editions but also those in US and Asia.

First of all, I think this is a very wise move – both for the founders of TRAFFIC and Rick Latona. Rick has been very active in domain business in recent months and did a lot of good work by developing this market in such a tough times (especially in US). TRAFFIC will give him additional boost and exclusivity for live domain auctions at the conference.

On the other hand Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu will benefit from Rick’s help, ccTLD market experience and his business skills. The synergy is quite obvious to me.

This new Trio will not only help themselves but they will also help THE DOMAIN INDUSTRY by spreading the news all around the world. We need something big to tell the world what domains are about and why they are so valuable. But WE NEED CHANGES. TRAFFIC is a great domain show but as the world evolves, TRAFFIC has to change as well. And will change – as we already heard from Rick, Howard and Rick.

So how will the new TRAFFIC look like?

Here are some facts and some hopes from my side:

more domainers and attendees from outside the domain industry

cheaper tickets that will help to achieve what I wrote above

new locations of TRAFFIC like Hong Kong, Toronto and Europe

themed conferences – targeted to the local audience

new faces at panels (more speakers from outside the US)

better auction inventory (more high quality ccTLDs in Europe – for example)

even more networking opportunities (including special dedicated sessions)

Please add your suggestions, so Rick, Howard and Rick can make TRAFFIC domain conference even better. We all will benefit.

TRAFFIC in 2010

Here’s where and when TRAFFIC will be organized in 2010: Las Vegas (January/February), Amsterdam (March/April), Toronto (May/June), Reykjavik (July/August), South Florida (September/October), Hong Kong (November/December).

I believe that Reykjavik will be replaced with some other place (organizers asked to give comments about this location). Barcelona, St Petersburg, Prague and Rome are also taken into consideration.

From my side, I would propose Warsaw as well. This is 2 million, growing business city, capitol of 38 million country. Poland is well known for its strong .pl domain secondary market. You can also read about MeetDomainers conference that was held in October 2008 in Cracow (Polish version of Prague ;) on to learn more about Polish domain market.

I keep my fingers crossed, good luck to Rick, Howard and Rick with the NEW TRAFFIC!

Daniel Dryzek

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Domain Roundtable 2009 Live Auction Results

39 domains (out of 76) were sold at Domain Roundtable 2009 live auction in Washington, DC. Total sales grosses $498,100.

Top sales at the auction: $380,000 19,000 $12,500 $12,000 $9,500 $8,000 $5,500 $380,000 $19,000 $12,500 $12,000 $9,500 $8,000 $5,500

The average price was $12,772 but excluding it would be only $3,108. If you compare these results with DRT live auction in 2007, which totaled for $3.912,351 (167 out of 450 listed domains sold) and an average selling price of $23,427 – then you see that domain market in USA is really affected by the crisis.

On the other hand, auction results in 2008 were even worst – sales total reached just $400,000.

You can find full list of domains sold at the auction at I also used it as my source of information to write this post.

Extended bidding is now open for the auction. You can place your bid on any of the 188 domain names still up for grabs.

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TRAFFIC ccTLDs Extended Auction Results

32 domains were sold at TRAFFIC ccTLDs Extended Auction. Total sales grosses €75,701. Most popular ccTLD was .in (India): 8 domains sold, followed by .us (5 domains) and (United Kingdom): 3 domain names.

Top sales at the auction: €14,400 €3,905 €3,600 €3,600 €3,550 €2,122 €1,440 €1,064 €1,000 and €35,000 €14,400 €3,905 €3,600 €3,600 (meaning: German) €3,550 €2,122 €1,440 €1,064 (meaning: identity) €1,000

Full list of sold domain names at the auction.

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Cheaper Tickets for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York 2009

I was pretty surprised, when I went to Registration & Pricing area dedicated to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York 2009 show. The prices of TRAFFIC went down! Now I also see that I got email from Rick with new pricing details.

You probably remember recent message from Rick Schwartz titled: “The Future of TRAFFIC” – it was about pricing and activities included in the show. Rick asked if he should lower the attendance fee but lower number of meals, drinks etc. in the same time. The answer seems to be YES.

You can get your tickets for $895 and only $199 for spouse pass, which is really LOW I have to admit. The early bird prices are valid until June 30th or 100 tickets sold. I only hope that the value of TRAFFIC itself will not go down despite the price drop. TRAFFIC was my first big domain conference (after DomainChannel in London few weeks before TRAFFIC conference in Las Vegas in 2007) and I had learned A LOT at each of the shows. The last one was quite different from the others, because it was mainly dedicated to ccTLDs. I will post more about TRAFFIC ccTLDs in Amsterdam soon.

Good luck Rick and Howard with increasing attendance at TRAFFIC! It was a very good decision to lower the prices and I hope to see the New York show in 2009 similar to the one in 2007. The more people at the conference – the more business going on and more things happening :)

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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ccTLDs in Amsterdam – Here I Come


After ona and a half years since my last T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in Miami I am back at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ccTLDs, this time in Europe – Amsterdam!

Event in Miami was one of the biggest (if not the biggest one) T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ever. End of 2007 was the apogee of domain business. Steve Forbes was the keynote speaker in Miami, .mobi domains were sold for more than $100k each at the auction, was sold for $2.2M – these were crazy times :)

But then the crisis came and everything changed. PPC went down, domainers and domain companies started to earn less. They had to cut their budgets and this meant also money for domain conferences. In recent TRAFFIC conferences only 150-250 attended at most. But hey – this also has some advantages – it’s again easier to meet people if there’s 100-150 not 700 people out there. It’s also easier to do business again.

So I am again at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and again in Amsterdam. This conference will be very interesting for me because it’s for the first time in Europe and it is in 100% dedicated to ccTLDs, which are at my radar too. 95% of my domain investments are ccTLDs (.pl, .eu, .cz, .sk, .in). I was two years ago in Amsterdam at DOMAINfest Regional Conference and it was a great time as I remember :) So I strongly believe this time it will be a great time too. A lot of valuable speaches are prepared (including keynote speaker Kevin Ham), lots of fun and spending time together with old friends and domain profesionals at the same time.

TRAFFIC ccTLDs Amsterdam will last four long days. There will ba an acution of ccTLD domains too and I hope to buy some nice names. You can choose among such domains as:,,,,,, and many others. Reserve prices for many names are quite resonable, so I believe many of them will find the buyer.

I will write few posts direcly from the conference to let you know what’s going on and I hope to meet some of you guys there personally!

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