T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ccTLDs in Amsterdam – Here I Come


After ona and a half years since my last T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference in Miami I am back at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ccTLDs, this time in Europe – Amsterdam!

Event in Miami was one of the biggest (if not the biggest one) T.R.A.F.F.I.C. ever. End of 2007 was the apogee of domain business. Steve Forbes was the keynote speaker in Miami, .mobi domains were sold for more than $100k each at the auction, computer.com was sold for $2.2M – these were crazy times :)

But then the crisis came and everything changed. PPC went down, domainers and domain companies started to earn less. They had to cut their budgets and this meant also money for domain conferences. In recent TRAFFIC conferences only 150-250 attended at most. But hey – this also has some advantages – it’s again easier to meet people if there’s 100-150 not 700 people out there. It’s also easier to do business again.

So I am again at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and again in Amsterdam. This conference will be very interesting for me because it’s for the first time in Europe and it is in 100% dedicated to ccTLDs, which are at my radar too. 95% of my domain investments are ccTLDs (.pl, .eu, .cz, .sk, .in). I was two years ago in Amsterdam at DOMAINfest Regional Conference and it was a great time as I remember :) So I strongly believe this time it will be a great time too. A lot of valuable speaches are prepared (including keynote speaker Kevin Ham), lots of fun and spending time together with old friends and domain profesionals at the same time.

TRAFFIC ccTLDs Amsterdam will last four long days. There will ba an acution of ccTLD domains too and I hope to buy some nice names. You can choose among such domains as: houses.co.uk, blog.eu, football.eu, job.us, spanish.ca, stores.ca, tel.fr and many others. Reserve prices for many names are quite resonable, so I believe many of them will find the buyer.

I will write few posts direcly from the conference to let you know what’s going on and I hope to meet some of you guys there personally!


  1. Frank said

    Hi Daniel!

    Hope you like your time in Amsterdam.

    I have put a name in the auction, too.

    Possibly you like it: It is http://www.b2b.eu

    Have a nice time there!

    Wish I could be there, too!


  2. […] weeks before TRAFFIC conference in Las Vegas in 2007) and I had learned A LOT at each of the shows. The last one was quite different from the others, because it was mainly dedicated to ccTLDs. I will post more […]

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