TRAFFIC ccTLDs Extended Auction Results

32 domains were sold at TRAFFIC ccTLDs Extended Auction. Total sales grosses €75,701. Most popular ccTLD was .in (India): 8 domains sold, followed by .us (5 domains) and (United Kingdom): 3 domain names.

Top sales at the auction: €14,400 €3,905 €3,600 €3,600 €3,550 €2,122 €1,440 €1,064 €1,000 and €35,000 €14,400 €3,905 €3,600 €3,600 (meaning: German) €3,550 €2,122 €1,440 €1,064 (meaning: identity) €1,000

Full list of sold domain names at the auction.


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  2. Good to see you updating your English language blog. ;)

  3. Jeff said

    1/4 domains that sold are .in – that’s good news :D

  4. @Rick Trying as much as I can :)

  5. Colby said

    Only one domain sold for more than the reserve…and that domain only sold for an extra €500. This was a domain sale and not an auction.

    The problem with this “auction”, both live and extended, is that the domans were 99% English words with ccTLD extensions. People outside the USA want to buy domains in their own languages, and people in the USA aren’t going to visit domains that end with a ccTLD extension.

    • I agree Colby. Just an example: wasn’t sold (price €200), sold for €200 (both are English words, NOT Polish). (German in English) sold for €3,550 – BTW very good buy.

  6. […] were similar to those at TRAFFIC ccTLDs extended auction a week ago, where total sales were €75,701 […]

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