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Detailed Schedule for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Shows in 2010

I haven’t managed to post during the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. domain conference in New York. There are always so many things happening during these few days of conference, that there is hardly any spare time to blog :) When I am at the conference I try to focus on it as much as I can.

For the news from T.R.A.F.F.I.C. 2009 conference in New York you should visit Chef Patrick’s blog Day One, Day Two and Day Three as well as – check out the Day One recap and Closing Day at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. NY by Ron Jackson.

Today is the last day of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. NY and detailed schedule for T.R.A.F.F.I.C. shows in 2010 has been announced. I thought that it may be interesting for you, so please check out the dates of coming T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conferences and decide which one you want to go to.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. schedule for 2010:

Las Vegas, US
January 21-23

Milan, Italy
April 27-29

Vancouver, Canada
June 15-18

Dublin, Ireland
August 24-26

Miami (South Beach), Florida, US
October 17-20 (October 15-16: pre-show activities)

Hong Kong, China
November 15-16

Daniel Dryzek

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Results of .DE Sedo Pre-Auction (part 2)

Some of the high pre-sales at .DE Sedo Pre-Auction (one character): 56,000 EUR 49,000 EUR 46,000 EUR 36,100 EUR 34,500 EUR 32,111 EUR 32,000 EUR 31,100 EUR 31,100 EUR 31,100 EUR 31,100 EUR 31,000 EUR 28,100 EUR 27,800 EUR 26,500 EUR 26,100 EUR 26,100 EUR 25,500 EUR 25,500 EUR 24,500 EUR 23,507 EUR 23,000 EUR 22,500 EUR 22,500 EUR 20,500 EUR 20,100 EUR 20,100 EUR 20,100 EUR 15,501 EUR 13,084 EUR 11,500 EUR 11,500 EUR 10,500 EUR
ä.de 5,100 EUR
ü.de 5,100 EUR
ö.de 3,600 EUR

Source: Sedo

The results are not complete and are not official.

Check out the results of two- and three-character .de pre-auction!

Read more about recent changes in DENIC registration policies in my previous post, on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

Daniel Dryzek

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Results of .DE Sedo Pre-Auction (part 1)

After technical difficulties Sedo divided their 1, 2, 3-Character .de auction into three sections.

Sedo apologized for the problems. Sedo website was down for quite a long time before they brought it back to life.

Read more about recent changes in DENIC registration policies in my previous post, on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

Some of the high pre-sales at .DE Sedo Pre-Auction so far: 279,499 EUR 158,700 EUR 144,277 EUR 135,623 EUR 122,500 EUR 63,000 EUR 52,000 EUR 44,111 EUR 41,000 EUR
ö 40,000 EUR 37,000 EUR 36,100 EUR 31,000 EUR 31,000 EUR 30,500 EUR 30,000 EUR 28,800 EUR 27,000 EUR 26,500 EUR 26,100 EUR 24,500 EUR 22,500 EUR 21,956 EUR 20,600 EUR 20,500 EUR 18,001 EUR 17,500 EUR 14,500 EUR 13,500 EUR 12,500 EUR 10,000 EUR

Source: Sedo

In my next post I will publish results of one character .de domain names. Stay tuned!

EDIT: Check the results for one-character .de domains:

Daniel Dryzek

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One- & Two-Character .DE Sedo Auction Ends Today!

You probably heard the news about releasing one- & two-character .DE domain names. Names are listed on Sedo pre-auction site. Less than 4 hours left, so place your bids before it is too late. Winners in that auctions are not guaranteed to het their .de names but they will only have to pay if Sedo partner registrars get the names for them.

“The Pre-Auction gives Sedo members an exclusive advantage to bid on 1, 2 and 3-character .de domains before they are released from DENIC, the official registry of the .de country code top-level domains (ccTLD). The .de domains include all letter and number combinations.”

I would be surprised if many of the names were snapped up by Sedo partner registrars and delivered to the highest bidders.. but time will tell very soon.

Read more about recent changes in DENIC on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

Most wanted .de so far (auction has not finished yet): 53,197 EUR 45,000 EUR 31,000 EUR 25,500 EUR 22,722 EUR 16,501 EUR 16,500 EUR 15,501 EUR 14,500 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR

Daniel Dryzek

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Domain Market in Europe

As I write more and more about European domain market and not only about Polish domain market, I think it is the best time to change the name of my blog to “Domain Market in Europe” (the old name was “Domain Market in Poland”).

As a result of that, from now on, you will find here much more information from European domain markets. I hope my blog will be a good place to find valuable information regarding European ccTLDs.

BTW The blog is also accessible under domain name ;)

Daniel Dryzek

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One- and two-character domains allowed in .DE ccTLD

DENICDENIC will amend its Domain Guidelines with effect from 23 October 2009 and will thus abolish most of the restrictions currently applicable with regard to the registration of second level domains under the TLD .de. In doing so, the registry creates room for a large number of new domains. In future, also one- and two-character domains (digits and letters) as well as domain names composed exclusively of numerals will be allowed.”

“Parties interested in a “new” domain may now apply for their desired domain with their Internet service provider. The launch phase for the new domains will start on 23 October 2009 at 09:00 (MEST). To ensure a quick, secure, transparent and above all fair assignment procedure, DENIC will register the new domains applying the “first come, first served” principle.”

As from 23 October 2009 the following additional rules will apply for domains under the TLD .de:

  • One- and two-character domains as well as domain names composed exclusively of numerals can now be registered
  • Domains identical with combinations of letters that are used for motor-vehicle number plates or for TLDs are released for registration.
  • If I were DENIC I would sell new domains through auction. I would then pass money from the auction to some charity organization (DENIC is not-for-profit company). I am not sure if “first come, first served” is the best way to introduce one and two-digit domains on such a mature market as German one. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment!

    Few facts about .DE (German) market:

    Number of domains 13,134,897
    Domains per 1000 residents 160
    Registration fee 3,00 EUR net
    Renewal fee 3,00 EUR net

    Source: DENIC – October 15th, 2009

    Daniel Dryzek

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    600,000 .CZ Domains in Czech Republic

    CZ NICThe CZ.NIC Association, administrator of the .CZ domain, announced the registration of .cz domain number 600,000. Since registration of the first half million domains, less than 10 months have passed. Domains have started to accrue at this rate since the introduction of the new system for domain management, FRED, in October 2007, which has speeded up and simplified the registration process significantly and allowed .CZ domains to become cheaper.

    “The .CZ domain has held the position of most requested domain for a long time with Czech registrars, which essentially confirms the global trend for the preference of national domains. On average, this year we have recorded around 10,000 new .CZ names every month” said Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of the CZ.NIC association.

    CZ.NIC, z. s. p. o. is an open non-profit association with the main mission of operating a reliable internet register in the Czech Republic while respecting the principles of the international situation, and developing generally beneficial services for the local internet community. The association currently has 63 members. CZ Top-Level Domain is part of the national wealth of the Czech Republic and a critical element from the perspective of the Czech economy. The main priority regarding the CZ domain administration is organizational and operational priority.

    Small comparison of Czech and Polish domain markets:

    .CZ .PL
    Number of domains 603 000 1 534 000
    Domains per 1000 residents     57,5 40,2
    Registration fee 7,50 EUR net 2,50 EUR net
    Renewal fee 7,50 EUR net     10,00 EUR net    

    Source: CZ.NIC, NASK – October 8th, 2009

    Daniel Dryzek

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