Domain Market in Europe

As I write more and more about European domain market and not only about Polish domain market, I think it is the best time to change the name of my blog to “Domain Market in Europe” (the old name was “Domain Market in Poland”).

As a result of that, from now on, you will find here much more information from European domain markets. I hope my blog will be a good place to find valuable information regarding European ccTLDs.

BTW The blog is also accessible under domain name ;)

Daniel Dryzek


  1. Chris said

    Hi Daniel,
    you will have a lot to write about the european domain market these days because lately there are so much exciting chances.

  2. Tom@S said

    great, future is in ccTLDs not only in generics dns.

  3. Brad Pit said

    I really agree with u. Nice job. but u have to provide a lot of more informations.

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