One- & Two-Character .DE Sedo Auction Ends Today!

You probably heard the news about releasing one- & two-character .DE domain names. Names are listed on Sedo pre-auction site. Less than 4 hours left, so place your bids before it is too late. Winners in that auctions are not guaranteed to het their .de names but they will only have to pay if Sedo partner registrars get the names for them.

“The Pre-Auction gives Sedo members an exclusive advantage to bid on 1, 2 and 3-character .de domains before they are released from DENIC, the official registry of the .de country code top-level domains (ccTLD). The .de domains include all letter and number combinations.”

I would be surprised if many of the names were snapped up by Sedo partner registrars and delivered to the highest bidders.. but time will tell very soon.

Read more about recent changes in DENIC on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

Most wanted .de so far (auction has not finished yet): 53,197 EUR 45,000 EUR 31,000 EUR 25,500 EUR 22,722 EUR 16,501 EUR 16,500 EUR 15,501 EUR 14,500 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR

Daniel Dryzek

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