Will You Renew Your .tel Domain Names? VOTE!

Most of .tel names are expiring this month. Will you renew your .tel domains?

I have only 10 .tel domains and I have just renewed all of them. There are some names for personal use and some for businesses. I am not a big fan of that extension but in some cases it can be useful. Renewal fee is about $10 / year.

Daniel Dryzek


  1. just saying said

    .tel is like .tv

    but I prefer the internet

  2. Nope! I only purchased PatrickRuddell.tel, not renewing. It doesn’t even rank on the first page of Google for my name.

  3. DG said

    I am DEFINITELY going to renew my .tel domain. Are you kidding? This is the cheapest and fastest way to control people contacting me. No hosting fees ever and no paying for website development or website creator. And I get on Google. Not only am I going to renew, I am buying few more for my business!

  4. search “czech warehouse space” or “czech business center” on google…page one baby!

    They work, you just need to put more effort in than simply buying the domains.

  5. no i not .tel domain. I have only buy .com domain and it is on first page of the google

    • Vickie said

      Lindsay Smith posted a bteetr example link, but here is how I see this going. You have a .tel and instead of trying to keep LinkedIn, your blog, CrunchBase updated you just keep this profile updated. Makes sense to me. Update new email addresses, employer, main websites, etc, but

  6. Mikolaj said

    Of course, I will renew my .tel and I renewed some my domains dot tel.

    • Nouzha said

      Your getting a hnreudd times your investment the end user says. I used to get upset and more than a few times I would tell the end user , heres my answer, are you listening, listen closely now Then hang up in their face. lol,..Over the years I’ve grown in maturity, or so I think. Now I tell them very simply, So your saying if I have a lottery ticket worth a million dollars I should be happy to give it to you for a hnreudd or a thousand times what I paid for it . Then tell them to call me back when they’re serious.

  7. Arthur said

    I will, 99% of all my .tel domains.
    Most people still don’t understand the concept behind.tel extension
    It is the fastest, the easiest and the cheapest way to have a presence on the internet.
    Every small and large company should have one but it’s specialy important for the small companies because they can have all the information about itself exposed to the public in a few minutes for almost nothing
    .tel is the best invention since sliced bread

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