How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

Question answered by Matt Cutts – the head of Google’s Webspam team. This is a new video from March 7, 2011.

Daniel Dryzek


  1. That was quite informative, something i will certainly remember.

    Thanks very much

  2. Dan DaMan said

    Horrible explanation for keywords as far as generics…did not even mention them. What a dork. Let a domainer explain it and let you get back to making adjustments for all the bullshit sites out there!!!

  3. According to Matt Cutts and his definitions our website name is perfect. We wonder what he would be willing to offer us for it ?

    It has always been apparent to us that the best of all worlds would be to have a .COM Business Addresses that has High Brandability along with Key Words. Our Business Address has all three. What a confirmation !

    Great Post !

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. Hello Dan,

    We are wanting to keep the pulse of other European Domaining Blogs such as yours. We would be deeply appreciative if you could reply back with some other blogs you are aware of overseas. I.E. is there a European version of over there?

    By the way welcome to the States if you have not already been welcome.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

    • Thx Jeff! BTW This post has already more than 600 visits :) I will post some more interesting stuff soon. Regarding other European domain blogs and other sources – I will try to prepare post dedicated only to this matter soon.

      • Great Dan !

        There are lots of us Yanks interested in your Markets over there. Looking forward to your efforts.

        Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. Justin said

    You know when companies (or their reps.) start talking about “knobs” and showing their power (and intention) to “turn down the knob”… that’s a sign of megalomania, monopoly and ultimate downfall. The video is very disturbing in that sense, not otherwise!

    If you have better content, you will turn up higher on the ranks, irrespective of your having keyword domains. The point to remember is that the name must be memorable to get repeat visitors and the content must be qualitative enough to make the visitor want to remember your domain name.

    So, will we now see a rush for “brandable” names?

    • @ Justin,

      We could not have said it better !

      For years many Domainers railed at the very word BRANDING, and it has hurt our credibility. If you are memorable you are remembered !

      Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  6. SDM said

    Matt did not specifically address domain names consisting of EXACT MATCH KEYWORDS. Just keywords in general. For example, with a domain based on the keywords, “brain computer interface”, how many dotCOM domain names contain only these keywords in this particular order? So, when submitting a search query for “brain computer interface” (with or without quotes), how many other dotCOM domain names are actually competing for exact match relevance with the keywords in the search query? Zero.

    Here’s another issue with turning down the knob on exact match keywords: What if the actual name of the business consists solely of those exact match keywords? If Google modifies the algorithm, you run the risk that searching for a company website using the exact company name (and therefore, the exact match keywords) may cause difficulty in locating the official company web site because Google would have attached less weight to the very words that formed the name of the business being searched for!

    It’s like saying, “Let’s improve relevancy by coding a search engine algorithm to ignore EXACT MATCHES between the keywords being searched and the keywords contained in the domain name.”

    When coding a search algorithm for threshold relevancy, how could you possibly find a better match than when the keywords being searched EXACTLY MATCH the keywords in the domain name? Once relevancy is established, move on to an analysis of website content and quality. That’s an entirely different issue. Let’s not confuse the two.

  7. […] Source: Daniel Dryzek […]

  8. […] Source: Daniel Dryzek […]

  9. Hello Daniel,

    We have created a virtual Model Business Plan for a major player to be announced. We are actively recieving Sales offers on our site. Stay Tuned.

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  10. Good explanation. However, I still feel domain with keywords is important! Any further input?

  11. Jimmy Davis said

    How damn stupid of Google, “No, we will not let exact match keywords have greater relevance”. Stupid, I say b/c it will hurt the search results and ultimately their search traffic.

    Some might say “Smart” b/c now more sites will have to advertise and spend more money to distinguish themselves from each other on exact match keyword searches by standing out in the advertising as well.

    One thing not pointed out, all these brandable companies had millions of ad dollars to PUSH these names into our heads. How many companies have these budgets to force memorization???

    With a generic keyword domains the branding has already been done billionds of types in daily language use. They have “mindshare”. Ignore that at your peril, unless you have the budget of Twitter or Google to do otherwise.

    BTW…who in the hell made Google name or branding experts? They clearly know nothing at all based on this video.

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