Top ccTLD Registries and Happy Easter! :)

Top ccTLD Registries (April 23rd, 2011)

1 .de (Germany) 14,367,909
2 .uk (United Kingdom) 9,317,393
3 .nl (Netherlands) 4,412,505
4 .eu (European Union) 3,392,796
5 .cn (China) 3,379,441 (February 28th, 2011)
6 .ru (Russian Federation) 3,274,063
7 .ar (Argentina) Source: Zooknic, January 2011
8 .br (Brazil) 2,452,527
9 .it (Italy) 2,163,460
10 .pl (Poland) 2,084,330

Happy Easter Everyone!

Daniel Dryzek


  1. Ace said

    .br and .ar, do you think they are in Top10?

  2. Staffan said

    .br numbers are available at the registry website

    Not really surprising that .br is in top ten, the Brazilian economy is larger than the Italian, Dutch or Russian economies. Argentina is perhaps a bit more surprising, as is the absence of .fr and .jp.

    • Thank you Staffan! I don’t know how I could miss .br statistics!

      Regarding Argentina – they give away domains for free. Now it is limited to 200 per entity AFAIK but some time ago you could have as many domains as you wanted and you didn’t pay for them at all. That may be the reason behind this good result.

      France is just behind Poland with 2,005,854 .fr domains registered – they should soon allow foreigners (at least those from European Union) to freely register .fr domains and that may help to grow the number of French regsitry.

  3. Piotr said

    Hi Daniel,

    are you into .co ? if yes, please let me know.
    I have some good polish keywords.

    • I am not into .co and I strongly believe .co + Polish keyword isn’t a good idea. But .co + Spanish and .co + English may work fine.

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