Most Popular Blog Posts of 2011

Happy New Year! Please check out my top posts in 2011.

1. How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

2. Why ccTLDs Are More Valuable Than .COM Domains?

3. Top ccTLD Registries and Happy Easter! :)

4. Short .DE Domains Released:,, and more

5. Angry Bird’s “overnight success” only took 8 years

Let this year be even better than the last one! :)

Daniel Dryzek


  1. john said

    Change your picture as you look really ugly.

    • Guess it is not the picture but myself looking ugly :P Can’t help about it :)

    • Nev said

      One of the most retarded replies ive ever come across.

      • Nev said

        That message was aimed at John :P.

  2. I especially enjoy reading the first two on the lists. Valuable insights in a year when I was just beginning to learn about the world of domains and domaining. BTW, what happened to Jan Barta’s blog Facing the Absurd? I found it through this blog and really enjoyed reading it! Anyway good luck with 2012 and post often :)

  3. OK thanks, I guess I will have to use Google Translate if he still writes about domain investing. I guess I should have copied the posts and saved them in a Word document :) …..but wait. Wasn’t Schickelgruber the name of Adolf Hitler’s grandfather, no? What a name for a domain blog!

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