About myself

I am a domain investor and Chief Executive Officer & Founder of ddfund.eu, a domain development fund. I live in Warsaw, Poland, EU. I founded my first domain and hosting business 10 years ago. My plan now is to build a multi-service ccTLD conglomerate in Europe that will include a domain fund, auctions, brokerage, appraisals, domain marketplace and registrar.

Together with my wife Agnes, we organize MeetDomainers – the domain event dedicated mainly to European domainers, with special focus on ccTLD market. So far we have produced five events: 2008 (Cracow, Poland), 2009 (Warsaw, Poland), 2010 (Sopot, Poland and Manchester, UK), 2011 (Warsaw, Poland).

I am open for questions, cooperation opportunities, exchange knowledge so please do not hesitate to contact me! My email: daniel@dryzek.com

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