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The last chance to register for MeetDomainers!

For the last few months me and my wife Agnes have been working pretty hard to make upcoming MeetDomainers the biggest and the best so far. Now is your turn!

In just a few days, one hundred specialists from Poland and abroad will meet to talk about domain names and alternative investments. There will be sessions dedicated to domains, wine, green energy and startups. Three-hour negotiation workshop is also a part of the event, as well as live domain auction. Check out our agenda!

After the conference, we invite you for a night in Opera Club sponsored by ZeroPark. Enjoy the evening with excellent food and drinks. Network and have fun!

Registration for MeetDomainers

Daniel Dryzek

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Half of the domains in the Extended T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Miami Auction are .co

It was a little bit surprising to me to see 423 out of 796 domains (768 separate lots) listed in the Extended T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Miami Auction to be .co names. It will be interesting to see how many of them will sell.

Three .co names were sold in live auction in Miami ( $1,000, $1,200, $15,000) out of 37 that were listed for sale (I don’t count combos .com + .co).

More statistics of TLDs in the extended Rick Latona auction:

.co – 423 (53,1%)
.com – 131 (16,5%)
.cm – 73 (9,2%)
.tv – 56 (7,0%)
.net – 35 (4,4%) – 13 (1,6%)
.org – 10 (1,3%)
.us – 9 (1,1%) – 7
.info – 4
.in – 4
.mobi – 4
.pl – 4
.cz – 3
.de – 3
.me – 2
.tw – 2 – 2
.hn – 1
.sg – 1
.se – 1
.tc – 1
.dk – 1
.my – 1
.pe – 1
.gs – 1
.ca – 1
.ht – 1 – 1

Numbers courtesy of Tomasz Chytkowski.

More information about the extended auction can be found at Rick Latona’s blogpost.

Disclaimer: author of this post has no domains listed in the extended auction nor has any .co domains registered by himself.

Daniel Dryzek

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MeetDomainers – European Domainers Meet in the UK and in Poland!

I am excited to invite you to our first MeetDomainers UK event that will be held in Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel on August 27-28th, 2010. We are teaming up with NameDrive, one of the biggest parking companies, to bring you a two-day show in Manchester exploring trends, technologies and opportunities in the UK and International markets.

Earlybird rates start at just 150 GBP with spouse / partner discounts available. Not only is the most affordable domain conference, it will also be one of the best! Hurry up – earlybird rates expire on June 30th.

MeetDomainers has been developed with you, the domainer, in mind. Panels are geared towards domainers’ needs and interests, covering current topics such as domain development, SEO, affiliate networks and Internet business. Check our preliminary agenda for MeetDomainers in Manchester.

Panellists for MeetDomainers UK include Lesley Cowley, CEO, Nominet. A must see panel, Lesley will provide attendees with an insight into the UK domain industry as well as answering questions from attendees. We are also proud to announce the latest addition to the show. Bryan Lip, Expedia Inc. Expedia’s family of businesses include,, Venere, Hotwire, TripAdvisor and Egencia, generating more then $21.8B in revenues in 2009, most of which was online. Bryan works in the Expedia Affiliate Network business, which is responsible for distributing Expedia’s contracted travel products (air, hotel, car, packages, activities, insurance and cruise).

Register now for MeetDomainers 2010 in the UK!

I would also like to invite you to  the one and only domain conference in Poland! This is our third meeting and this time it will be held on August 19-21st, 2010 in Sofitel Grand Sopot Hotel – right at the beach!

Earlybird rates start at just 179 EUR. Parties, lunches, beverages, food, drinks, entertainment at the beach and live domain auction included!

Attending MeetDomainers Poland you will learn:

– about Polish domain secondary market
– how to use tax havens to pay lowest taxes
– how to run successful Internet business
– how to find most profitable domains
– how to develop domains

Among our speakers you will find “Man of the Year in the Polish Internet” and Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” winner Michal Brański as well as Andrzej Paczuski – voted the best tax advisor providing services to the financial sector in Poland. Learn from the best!

MeetDomainers will also provide an excellent opportunity to meet likeminded domainers and industry professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. The second day of both shows is entirely dedicated to networking, with a full day of paintballing followed by a night out in Manchester and a full day of beach activities in Sopot, Poland.

Register now for MeetDomainers 2010 in Poland!

More details and registration:



James Tuplin from NameDrive put a lot of effort to bring fantastic show in Manchester as well as my wife Agnes to organize our third meeting in Poland. We hope to see many of you in the UK and in Poland soon!

Daniel Dryzek

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NameDrive – A New Player On The European Domain Auction Market

Looks like we have a new player on the Pan-European domain auction market. NDX Market auction of 3 letter .eu domains will end in the next 21 hours. Only one company was so far on this market and it was Sedo. Will NameDrive grow as a big domain auction and aftermarket Sedo competitor in Europe? Time will tell.

You need to be a certified member to bid on the auction and first you need to open an account too. Auction ends on 17 June 2010 at approximately 5pm CET.

All of the names have some bids, the minimum now is 20 EUR and most popular 3-letter .eu are now: 81 EUR, 73 EUR and 66 EUR – not that much..

I am really happy to see some initiative from NameDrive in domain auctions field. Domaining (especially ccTLDs) needs new marketplaces to boost business and make it more live and vibrant. Good luck NDX Market and I am looking forward to new auctions coming soon! Maybe the first Central and Eastern European domain auction..?

Daniel Dryzek

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T.R.A.F.F.I.C. NY 2009 auctions results

Rick Latona Auctions

  • Live auction result: $1,295,000
  • Number of domains sold: 77

    TOP SALES: $450,000 $185,000 $137,500 $50,000 $45,000 $45,000 $42,500 $40,000 $35,000 $26,000 $25,000 $21,000

  • Extended auction results: $124,260
  • Number of domains sold: 8

    TOP SALES: $65,000
    StateFlag & $25,500

    Rick Latona Auctions TOTAL result: $1,419,260 (85 domains)


    Moniker / SnapNames

  • Live auction results: $412,150
  • Number of domains sold: 46

    TOP SALES: $45,000 $37,500 $27,500 $25,000 $24,000 $22,500 $21,000 $21,000

  • Extended auction results: $278,338
  • Number of domains sold: 139

    TOP SALES: $26,000

    Moniker / SnapNames TOTAL result: $690,488 (185 domains)


    T.R.A.F.F.I.C. New York Auctions TOTAL: $2,109,748 (270 domains)

    Source: DomainNameNews,, TheDomains, Domain Name Wire, Blogtrepreneur

    Disclaimer: Figures presented by me may be slightly different from the real ones. Although I tried to be as accurate as possible.

    Daniel Dryzek

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    Results of .DE Sedo Pre-Auction (part 2)

    Some of the high pre-sales at .DE Sedo Pre-Auction (one character): 56,000 EUR 49,000 EUR 46,000 EUR 36,100 EUR 34,500 EUR 32,111 EUR 32,000 EUR 31,100 EUR 31,100 EUR 31,100 EUR 31,100 EUR 31,000 EUR 28,100 EUR 27,800 EUR 26,500 EUR 26,100 EUR 26,100 EUR 25,500 EUR 25,500 EUR 24,500 EUR 23,507 EUR 23,000 EUR 22,500 EUR 22,500 EUR 20,500 EUR 20,100 EUR 20,100 EUR 20,100 EUR 15,501 EUR 13,084 EUR 11,500 EUR 11,500 EUR 10,500 EUR
    ä.de 5,100 EUR
    ü.de 5,100 EUR
    ö.de 3,600 EUR

    Source: Sedo

    The results are not complete and are not official.

    Check out the results of two- and three-character .de pre-auction!

    Read more about recent changes in DENIC registration policies in my previous post, on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

    Daniel Dryzek

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    Results of .DE Sedo Pre-Auction (part 1)

    After technical difficulties Sedo divided their 1, 2, 3-Character .de auction into three sections.

    Sedo apologized for the problems. Sedo website was down for quite a long time before they brought it back to life.

    Read more about recent changes in DENIC registration policies in my previous post, on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

    Some of the high pre-sales at .DE Sedo Pre-Auction so far: 279,499 EUR 158,700 EUR 144,277 EUR 135,623 EUR 122,500 EUR 63,000 EUR 52,000 EUR 44,111 EUR 41,000 EUR
    ö 40,000 EUR 37,000 EUR 36,100 EUR 31,000 EUR 31,000 EUR 30,500 EUR 30,000 EUR 28,800 EUR 27,000 EUR 26,500 EUR 26,100 EUR 24,500 EUR 22,500 EUR 21,956 EUR 20,600 EUR 20,500 EUR 18,001 EUR 17,500 EUR 14,500 EUR 13,500 EUR 12,500 EUR 10,000 EUR

    Source: Sedo

    In my next post I will publish results of one character .de domain names. Stay tuned!

    EDIT: Check the results for one-character .de domains:

    Daniel Dryzek

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    One- & Two-Character .DE Sedo Auction Ends Today!

    You probably heard the news about releasing one- & two-character .DE domain names. Names are listed on Sedo pre-auction site. Less than 4 hours left, so place your bids before it is too late. Winners in that auctions are not guaranteed to het their .de names but they will only have to pay if Sedo partner registrars get the names for them.

    “The Pre-Auction gives Sedo members an exclusive advantage to bid on 1, 2 and 3-character .de domains before they are released from DENIC, the official registry of the .de country code top-level domains (ccTLD). The .de domains include all letter and number combinations.”

    I would be surprised if many of the names were snapped up by Sedo partner registrars and delivered to the highest bidders.. but time will tell very soon.

    Read more about recent changes in DENIC on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

    Most wanted .de so far (auction has not finished yet): 53,197 EUR 45,000 EUR 31,000 EUR 25,500 EUR 22,722 EUR 16,501 EUR 16,500 EUR 15,501 EUR 14,500 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR

    Daniel Dryzek

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    Sedo One-Character .BIZ Auction Results – $369,195 in Sales

    Sedo .BIZ auctionAll of the 31 One-Character .BIZ domain names were sold at Sedo auction for a total of $369,195.

    The top sale was for $66,001. Second place was taken by for $32,003 and third by for $26,110.

    Sedo has exclusively been selected to auction the majority of the available internet catalog of one-character .BIZ domain names in cooperation with Neustar Registry Services, the global registry for .BIZ and .US.

    Here is the full list of sold one-character .biz domains: $66,001 $32,003 $16,100 $15,611 $13,500 $10,099 $10,099 $10,099 $10,005 $9,400 $8,988 $8,988 $8,988 $8,855 $8,250 $8,250 $8,211 $8,200 $8,177 $8,100 $8,001 $7,999 $7,901 $7,878 $7,877 $7,602 $7,601 $7,601 $6,900 $6,100 $5,801 $66,001 $32,003 $26,110 $15,611 $13,500 $10,099 $10,099 $10,099 $10,005 $9,400 $8,988 $8,988 $8,988 $8,855 $8,250 $8,250 $8,211 $8,200 $8,177 $8,100 $8,001 $7,999 $7,901 $7,878 $7,877 $7,602 $7,601 $7,601 $6,900 $6,100 $5,801

    Daniel Dryzek

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    MeetDomainers Live Auction Results

    Auctioneer Krzysztof Konieczny

    Auctioneer Krzysztof Konieczny in action – Warsaw Marriott Hotel

    The second live domain auction in Poland was held during MeetDomainers in Warsaw Marriott Hotel, September 25th. 34 out of 60 domains were sold for a total of nearly €80,000 ($120,000).

    Top 10 auction sales:

    1. €33,750 (doctors)

    2. €7,500 (computer science)

    3. €6,250 (league)

    4. €3,750 (guitars)

    5. €3,250 (welders)

    6. €2,500 (milling machines)

    7. €1,950 (graphic designers)

    8. €1,400 (helicopters)

    9. €1,400 (debt collections)

    10. €1,300 (Michael)

    Check complete results:

    Daniel Dryzek

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