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One- & Two-Character .DE Sedo Auction Ends Today!

You probably heard the news about releasing one- & two-character .DE domain names. Names are listed on Sedo pre-auction site. Less than 4 hours left, so place your bids before it is too late. Winners in that auctions are not guaranteed to het their .de names but they will only have to pay if Sedo partner registrars get the names for them.

“The Pre-Auction gives Sedo members an exclusive advantage to bid on 1, 2 and 3-character .de domains before they are released from DENIC, the official registry of the .de country code top-level domains (ccTLD). The .de domains include all letter and number combinations.”

I would be surprised if many of the names were snapped up by Sedo partner registrars and delivered to the highest bidders.. but time will tell very soon.

Read more about recent changes in DENIC on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

Most wanted .de so far (auction has not finished yet): 53,197 EUR 45,000 EUR 31,000 EUR 25,500 EUR 22,722 EUR 16,501 EUR 16,500 EUR 15,501 EUR 14,500 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR 12,845 EUR

Daniel Dryzek


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Sedo One-Character .BIZ Auction Results – $369,195 in Sales

Sedo .BIZ auctionAll of the 31 One-Character .BIZ domain names were sold at Sedo auction for a total of $369,195.

The top sale was for $66,001. Second place was taken by for $32,003 and third by for $26,110.

Sedo has exclusively been selected to auction the majority of the available internet catalog of one-character .BIZ domain names in cooperation with Neustar Registry Services, the global registry for .BIZ and .US.

Here is the full list of sold one-character .biz domains: $66,001 $32,003 $16,100 $15,611 $13,500 $10,099 $10,099 $10,099 $10,005 $9,400 $8,988 $8,988 $8,988 $8,855 $8,250 $8,250 $8,211 $8,200 $8,177 $8,100 $8,001 $7,999 $7,901 $7,878 $7,877 $7,602 $7,601 $7,601 $6,900 $6,100 $5,801 $66,001 $32,003 $26,110 $15,611 $13,500 $10,099 $10,099 $10,099 $10,005 $9,400 $8,988 $8,988 $8,988 $8,855 $8,250 $8,250 $8,211 $8,200 $8,177 $8,100 $8,001 $7,999 $7,901 $7,878 $7,877 $7,602 $7,601 $7,601 $6,900 $6,100 $5,801

Daniel Dryzek

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MeetDomainers Live Auction Results

Auctioneer Krzysztof Konieczny

Auctioneer Krzysztof Konieczny in action – Warsaw Marriott Hotel

The second live domain auction in Poland was held during MeetDomainers in Warsaw Marriott Hotel, September 25th. 34 out of 60 domains were sold for a total of nearly €80,000 ($120,000).

Top 10 auction sales:

1. €33,750 (doctors)

2. €7,500 (computer science)

3. €6,250 (league)

4. €3,750 (guitars)

5. €3,250 (welders)

6. €2,500 (milling machines)

7. €1,950 (graphic designers)

8. €1,400 (helicopters)

9. €1,400 (debt collections)

10. €1,300 (Michael)

Check complete results:

Daniel Dryzek

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MeetDomainers 2009 – final auction inventory and updated agenda has been released

MeetDomainers - Truly

MeetDomainers is a Truly European Meeting of Domain Investors. Second edition will be held at Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Poland, September 25-27. Almost one hundred people will participate in this event – experts in domain investing, domain name law, web development, domain parking and representatives from registries and registrars. Please check for more details.

List for live domain name auction has been announced. Lots of very good names will start from $1 only and no reserve price., (debt collections), (investment advisory), (editor), (Germany), (education), (helicopters), or – to mention only few of them.

There are also many premium .pl domains with higher reserve prices during the auction on September 25th, 3:30 PM (CET) GMT+1 as well as one premium .us name: (5,250 EUR), (bonds in Polish – 20,000 EUR), (auction – 25,000 EUR), (league – 6,250 EUR), (computer science – 7,500 EUR), (doctors – 25,000 EUR), (25,000 EUR), (home – 5,000 EUR) or (loans, credits – 15,000 EUR). List for live domain name auction and details are available at the website

MeetDomainers live auction will be supported by the biggest polish domain aftermarket website – Please register at until 23rd of September to bid online. Domain auction will be led by the professional auctioneer.

MeetDomainers is sponsored by EuroDNS, Sedo, and NameDrive.

To read more about MeetDomainers event, go to

Daniel Dryzek

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Very Nice 2-letter .pl Domain For Sale –

Only two days left to the end of auction at (Polish version of eBay).

This is a great two letter .pl domain name (both letters are “L”) and the highest offer for now is only 20,000 PLN (~ 4900 EUR).

I am not the owner of this domain and I do not profit in any way in selling it.

Daniel Dryzek

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Domain Roundtable 2009 Live Auction Results

39 domains (out of 76) were sold at Domain Roundtable 2009 live auction in Washington, DC. Total sales grosses $498,100.

Top sales at the auction: $380,000 19,000 $12,500 $12,000 $9,500 $8,000 $5,500 $380,000 $19,000 $12,500 $12,000 $9,500 $8,000 $5,500

The average price was $12,772 but excluding it would be only $3,108. If you compare these results with DRT live auction in 2007, which totaled for $3.912,351 (167 out of 450 listed domains sold) and an average selling price of $23,427 – then you see that domain market in USA is really affected by the crisis.

On the other hand, auction results in 2008 were even worst – sales total reached just $400,000.

You can find full list of domains sold at the auction at I also used it as my source of information to write this post.

Extended bidding is now open for the auction. You can place your bid on any of the 188 domain names still up for grabs.

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TRAFFIC ccTLDs Extended Auction Results

32 domains were sold at TRAFFIC ccTLDs Extended Auction. Total sales grosses €75,701. Most popular ccTLD was .in (India): 8 domains sold, followed by .us (5 domains) and (United Kingdom): 3 domain names.

Top sales at the auction: €14,400 €3,905 €3,600 €3,600 €3,550 €2,122 €1,440 €1,064 €1,000 and €35,000 €14,400 €3,905 €3,600 €3,600 (meaning: German) €3,550 €2,122 €1,440 €1,064 (meaning: identity) €1,000

Full list of sold domain names at the auction.

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