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Go Daddy Founder & CEO Bob Parsons Supports “Hope for Haiti”

Do you remember the “famous elephant story” that broke couple of weeks ago? Well, probably yes, because it was very “hot” industry news. But did all the people that criticized Bob checked how much does he care of human beings and how much money does he give to all kinds of charities?

Check out this video “4 Days in Haiti. Absolutely unimagineable. Video from the trip” about GoDaddy’s support to Hope for Haiti, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the Haitian people through education, nutrition and healthcare.

But that’s not all. 2011 Total GoDaddy’s Donations through April 5th amounted to $3,566,250. Not bad, right? Full list of charities that GoDaddy supports. I guess that not many media (if any at all) will write about it. It is not a good story for media, killing elephant is.

Bob is a great person in my opinion. Would he be so successful if he was evil? I doubt it. Go Daddy, go Bob!

P.S I have all my global domains like .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info in GoDaddy. I have never had any problems with this registrar and .com renewals are really cheap: $7,95 + $0,18 ICANN fee with “cjc795dom” promo code – this is only 10 cents above the price that GoDaddy pays to VeriSign!

Daniel Dryzek

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Angry Bird’s “overnight success” only took 8 years

People (we!) very often call someone else’s success – “overnight success”, while usually it takes YEARS to finally be successful (and sometimes success never comes!).

Angry Bird’s story is one of such “overnight success” stories.

“On March 10 the creators of Angry Birds (Rovio studios) announced that they had taken $42 Million in funding. They currently hold the record for the best selling iOS game ever. There is talks of a movie being produced featuring Angry Birds. You can already buy stuffed animal versions of the birds.”

“Did you know that the guys at Rovio spent 8 YEARS working on other games before they finally caught a huge break? That takes dedication. For almost a decade they didn’t have any big wins. ”

” “Over night success” is often idolized in the startup world, but sometimes the glamor is based in myth rather than reality. Show up and work hard each and every day and remember that you’re getting closer. You can’t have a breakout hit if you never show up.”

Read the full article:

Be patient, persistent, hard-working, never give up and success will knock your door… some day.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

Daniel Dryzek

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Why ccTLDs Are More Valuable Than .COM Domains?

One of the last week’s sales on Sedo was “Biura” means “offices” in Polish language. It was sold for 1150 USD. The same keyword in .pl ( would generate at least 10-20 thousand USD from sale but probably much more.

People in Europe (and in other parts of the world, too!) would generally prefer ccTLDs (.pl, .de,, .fr etc.) than .com TLD. There are differences between countries and Spanish or French keyword in .com could be worth more than the same keyword in .es (for Spain) or .fr (for France). But in most cases .pl, .de, .se etc. names will be more valuable than .com domains (written in Polish, German or Swedish).

On a global scale .com is king, especially English names + .com. But “locally” (country by country) people prefer ccTLDs. And that local trend will continue.

Do you agree or not? Please comment!

Number of domains registered in Poland:

.pl  1,412,646 339,916

.eu 210,507

.com 195,244 51,995

.net 45,962

.info 41,882 35,104

.org 25,135 24,113 21,108 11,971 10,995

Daniel Dryzek

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We Are Not Consumers. We Are People

“Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends… Sell your clothes and keep your thoughts.” Henry David Thoreau

“We are not consumers. We are people.

We are not living lives meant to earn money in order to support a shopping habit, or a large home and two cars, or lives of luxury eating and entertainment.

We are not living to support the corporations. And yet, if you were to take an objective, outsider look at our society, it would seem that we are.”

What’s the alternative?

“The funny thing is, there are millions of alternatives. But we’ve been so trained to believe there is only one way, that we can barely imagine something different.

What would life be like without advertising, shopping malls, online shopping, working for large corporations, wearing large logos all over our clothing, having Apple logos over every device we own, watching movies and television shows developed by large corporations and made for the masses?”

“There must be more to life than having everything!” Maurice Sendak

Read the full article here:

Daniel Dryzek

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Investors Run Away From Demand Media

“Investors have been fleeing Demand Media since April 6th, as shown in this chart from Yahoo Finance.

April 6 is right around when Google implemented its latest search algorithm tweak, which has hammered Demand Media’s sites according to Hitwise data given to Forbes, as well as earlier data from SEO firm Sistrix.

Demand admitted its traffic had fallen off, but said it would still hit its stated financial goals. Obviously that wasn’t enough assurance for spooked investors.”

Source: Business Insider

Daniel Dryzek

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Top ccTLD Registries and Happy Easter! :)

Top ccTLD Registries (April 23rd, 2011)

1 .de (Germany) 14,367,909
2 .uk (United Kingdom) 9,317,393
3 .nl (Netherlands) 4,412,505
4 .eu (European Union) 3,392,796
5 .cn (China) 3,379,441 (February 28th, 2011)
6 .ru (Russian Federation) 3,274,063
7 .ar (Argentina) Source: Zooknic, January 2011
8 .br (Brazil) 2,452,527
9 .it (Italy) 2,163,460
10 .pl (Poland) 2,084,330

Happy Easter Everyone!

Daniel Dryzek

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Canadian ccTLD .ca nice promo video

Check out this .ca promo video on YouTube. I think this is a very good way to promote Country Code Top Level Domains. Well done CIRA! :)


Daniel Dryzek

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How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

Question answered by Matt Cutts – the head of Google’s Webspam team. This is a new video from March 7, 2011.

Daniel Dryzek

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DOMAINfest – Getting Ready For The Best Domain Conference

Only 6 hours left to my plane departure from Warsaw, Poland to Los Angeles, California. After 16 hours of traveling (including 3 hours of transfer at London Heathrow) I hope to land safely at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

So far I have attended two DOMAINfest conferences in Europe. One in Amsterdam in 2007 and the other one in Prague last year. Both events were absolutely great and I still can’t forget DomainSponsor party at Rain in Amsterdam ;)

Photo by (I am the one in the middle)

For me, DOMAINfest was always a mix of interesting lectures, great and open minded attendees and a lot of fantastic opportunities to network. And I am pretty sure that DOMAINfest Global in Santa Monica will again meet all my expectations. There will be a lot of super interesting panels I want to attend and dozens of people I want to talk to. I am also looking forward to meeting old domain friends from the US that I have not seen for a while. And all the parties will definitely help me to network with old and new friends!

And last but not least – I invite you to attend “Opportunities in ccTLDs, IDNs and gTLDs” panel, that will be held on Wednesday Feb 2, 4:30pm – 6:00pm. I will be one of the speakers and will be focusing on European ccTLDs, while my friends (Daniel Eisenhut, Ken Hansen, Adrian Kinderis, Joerg Schweiger, Andrew Snow) will cover ccTLDs, IDNs and new gTLDs. Mason Cole will be a moderator.

On top of that I would like to invite you to have a lunch with me during “Dine With an Expert, that will take place on the same day (Wednesday) at 12:15 – 1:30 pm. This will be awesome opportunity to talk and learn about European ccTLDs and possibilities of investing in this sector. Only two seats left so hurry up and book your seat now!

Daniel Dryzek

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