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Why ccTLDs Are More Valuable Than .COM Domains?

One of the last week’s sales on Sedo was “Biura” means “offices” in Polish language. It was sold for 1150 USD. The same keyword in .pl ( would generate at least 10-20 thousand USD from sale but probably much more.

People in Europe (and in other parts of the world, too!) would generally prefer ccTLDs (.pl, .de,, .fr etc.) than .com TLD. There are differences between countries and Spanish or French keyword in .com could be worth more than the same keyword in .es (for Spain) or .fr (for France). But in most cases .pl, .de, .se etc. names will be more valuable than .com domains (written in Polish, German or Swedish).

On a global scale .com is king, especially English names + .com. But “locally” (country by country) people prefer ccTLDs. And that local trend will continue.

Do you agree or not? Please comment!

Number of domains registered in Poland:

.pl  1,412,646 339,916

.eu 210,507

.com 195,244 51,995

.net 45,962

.info 41,882 35,104

.org 25,135 24,113 21,108 11,971 10,995

Daniel Dryzek

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Top ccTLD Registries and Happy Easter! :)

Top ccTLD Registries (April 23rd, 2011)

1 .de (Germany) 14,367,909
2 .uk (United Kingdom) 9,317,393
3 .nl (Netherlands) 4,412,505
4 .eu (European Union) 3,392,796
5 .cn (China) 3,379,441 (February 28th, 2011)
6 .ru (Russian Federation) 3,274,063
7 .ar (Argentina) Source: Zooknic, January 2011
8 .br (Brazil) 2,452,527
9 .it (Italy) 2,163,460
10 .pl (Poland) 2,084,330

Happy Easter Everyone!

Daniel Dryzek

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MeetDomainers – European Domainers Meet in the UK and in Poland!

I am excited to invite you to our first MeetDomainers UK event that will be held in Hilton Manchester Deansgate Hotel on August 27-28th, 2010. We are teaming up with NameDrive, one of the biggest parking companies, to bring you a two-day show in Manchester exploring trends, technologies and opportunities in the UK and International markets.

Earlybird rates start at just 150 GBP with spouse / partner discounts available. Not only is the most affordable domain conference, it will also be one of the best! Hurry up – earlybird rates expire on June 30th.

MeetDomainers has been developed with you, the domainer, in mind. Panels are geared towards domainers’ needs and interests, covering current topics such as domain development, SEO, affiliate networks and Internet business. Check our preliminary agenda for MeetDomainers in Manchester.

Panellists for MeetDomainers UK include Lesley Cowley, CEO, Nominet. A must see panel, Lesley will provide attendees with an insight into the UK domain industry as well as answering questions from attendees. We are also proud to announce the latest addition to the show. Bryan Lip, Expedia Inc. Expedia’s family of businesses include,, Venere, Hotwire, TripAdvisor and Egencia, generating more then $21.8B in revenues in 2009, most of which was online. Bryan works in the Expedia Affiliate Network business, which is responsible for distributing Expedia’s contracted travel products (air, hotel, car, packages, activities, insurance and cruise).

Register now for MeetDomainers 2010 in the UK!

I would also like to invite you to  the one and only domain conference in Poland! This is our third meeting and this time it will be held on August 19-21st, 2010 in Sofitel Grand Sopot Hotel – right at the beach!

Earlybird rates start at just 179 EUR. Parties, lunches, beverages, food, drinks, entertainment at the beach and live domain auction included!

Attending MeetDomainers Poland you will learn:

– about Polish domain secondary market
– how to use tax havens to pay lowest taxes
– how to run successful Internet business
– how to find most profitable domains
– how to develop domains

Among our speakers you will find “Man of the Year in the Polish Internet” and Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” winner Michal Brański as well as Andrzej Paczuski – voted the best tax advisor providing services to the financial sector in Poland. Learn from the best!

MeetDomainers will also provide an excellent opportunity to meet likeminded domainers and industry professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. The second day of both shows is entirely dedicated to networking, with a full day of paintballing followed by a night out in Manchester and a full day of beach activities in Sopot, Poland.

Register now for MeetDomainers 2010 in Poland!

More details and registration:



James Tuplin from NameDrive put a lot of effort to bring fantastic show in Manchester as well as my wife Agnes to organize our third meeting in Poland. We hope to see many of you in the UK and in Poland soon!

Daniel Dryzek

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Who Is Coming To TRAFFIC Milan?

So who is coming to TRAFFIC Milan?? European edition of this popular domain conference will be held in the capital of fashion and design, also home to world class European football team A.C. Milan, on April 27 – 29, 2010.






If you are coming to TRAFFIC Milan you may be interested in attending an informal meeting on Monday to catch up and enjoy Italian food together with other TRAFFIC attendees. We will meet in the restaurant DA PUCCINI at 7 pm local time. Meals and drinks will be paid by each attendee individually. If you would like to attend please email me, so I can forward your email to meeting organizers who can book enough space for all.

You should also check out T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Main Auction inventory as well as .EU exclusive inventory. You will find there some real gems like:,,,,,,,,,,,, or

I will be speaking on Thursday, April 29th in a session dedicated to .pl (Poland), .ru (Russia) and Eastern European markets so please feel free to post your questions in comments regarding Polish domain market – I will prepare more complex and accurate answers for you!

I hope to see many of You in Milan! Remember – domain conferences are about three most important things: people, people and people..

Daniel Dryzek

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Why is Domaining Still so US Focused?

It was always very interesting but also wired to me that domaining was so US oriented. When I was at my first T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show in Las Vegas in 2007 nobody, NOBODY was really interested in ccTLDs. COM was king and there was no doubt  about it. This is still the case – COM is the most popular domain name in the world but this world is expanding very fast and COM share market is shrinking.

The truth is that in the European Union COM is usually the second or third domain name and ccTLDs are the kings of its markets. This is exactly the case in Poland, where I live and where are 1,7M .pl names registered. There are also 190,000 .eu names and only 170,000 .com domains. The same situation is in other markets such us .de (Germany), (United Kingdom) etc. According to the lates VeriSign report there are 83M COM domains and 76M ccTLDs.

And don’t get me wrong – it is OK for me as I have less competition here in Europe and I can easily buy good ccTLDs cheap and develop ccTLD projects but it is always strange to see how ignorant some people are.

The same case is with IDNs. I mean IDN names not TLDs – just to give you an example: poż would be IDN for nonIDN version The meaning for that domain is  “loan”. And YES, people in Poland start using IDNs a lot and in 2-3 years they will get more popular than nonIDNs. How do I know that? I see my IDN names statistics. For some pair of parked names – IDNs are getting more UV and revenue than nonIDNs.

But I have good news for ccTLD investors – good times for us are coming :) DomainSponsor has recently announced opening its subsidiary in Europe, DomainFest is coming to Prague in October 6-7, 2010 and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference is coming back to Europe in 2010, this time to Milan (Italy) and Dublin (Ireland). In September 2009 we heard that Go Daddy expands further into Europe with new data center to ensure faster access for Go Daddy’s growing European customer base. More of such news will be announced this year – there is no doubt about it.

And world is bigger than only US and the EU. There are big markets in Asia, South America as well – great potential there for sure. According to Internet World Stats US has now ~ 220M Internet users, EU: 310M, Asia: 740M (China: 360M), Brazil: 70M. BBC prepared nice Internet map, where you can see Internet penetration and users in the years 1998-2008. There are 1,7 billion Internet users on our planet Earth.

BTW Check out Facing The Absurd blog written by one of the finest European domainers. You will find there things that you won’t read about anywhere else.

Daniel Dryzek

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Four ccTLDs in TOP10 domain sales in 2008

Four out of ten highest sales in 2008 were ccTLDs, this is 4x more than in 2007. Among TOP 100 sales there were 10 ccTLDs (3x .de, 3x, 2x .nl, 1x .ca, 1x .es), they totaled $4,8 millon. German and UK domains are the strongest ccTLDs.

TOP 10 domain sales in 2008 $9,999,950 $1,659,000 €892,500 £560,000 $1,015,000 $850,000 $800,000 $750,000 €400,000 $600,000


In 2007 was the only ccTLD in TOP 10 (at 10th place).

List of all ccTLDs in TOP 100 highest sales in 2008

3 $1,169,175
4 $1,099,798
9 $625,060
10 $600,000
19 $344,710
24 $300,000
30 $258,000
51 $173,682
77 $118,440
81 $111,347

Previous year (2007) there were seven ccTLD sales in TOP 100:,,,,,, United Kingdom took four out of seven top ccTLDs.

Most popular ccTLDs in annual DNJournal sales charts

# 2008 2007 ccTLD Country
1. 23 27 .de Germany
2. 15 23 United Kingdom
3. 12 2 .fr France
4. 9 4 .ca Canada
5. 8 2 .nl Netherlands
6. 4 0 .pl Poland
6. 4 7 .tv Tuvalu
6. 4 4 .se Sweden
6. 4 5 .us USA
10. 3 4 .eu European Union
10. 3 0 .me Montenegro
10. 3 1 .it Italy

Germany and United Kingdom are the “kings” but they are declining (especially domain). Polish ccTLD with four sales in TOP 100 grabbed 6th place (ex equo .tv, .us, .es). French TLD is also very interesting, it rose from two sold .fr domains in 2007 to twelve in 2008! Look at the statistics above and make your own thoughts.

A little bit strange for me is the fact that there is no .cn name on the list – quite surprising, especially if we remember that .cn ccTLD has now more domains than any other ccTLD in the world (with more than 13 million names).

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Opportunity to Invest in Two Letter .PL ccTLD

LA.PL – Polish two letter ccTLD domain name is on auction at – Polish biggest domain name aftermarket site. There is one bid at a value of about $4,150 US (12,000 PLN) and reserve is met. Dot PL is the 6th biggest ccTLD in Europe with 1.3 million domain names registered. Polish domain extension is also in TOP3 fastest growing TLDs in the world, which was recently reported by both Nominet and VeriSign.

To place a bid for LA.PL domain please visit:

Site is available in English and all transactions are secured with escrow service, so you are 100% safe when buying or selling Polish names at Auction ends on Dec/18/2008 8:00 CET (EST – 6:00).

You can use currancy converter to check current currency rate.

The highest reported two letter .pl domain sale was SS.PL auctioned for $31,816 US two months ago at Sedo (source InsideDomaining). The same buyer purchased SS.TV domain in July 2008 at Sedo for $21,500 US (source DNForum).

Anyone can be owner of .pl domain. You don’t need to have address or live in Poland to own Polish domain name. There is also no limit of number of domains that you can have in your portfolio. Renewal fee for .pl domains varies from $15 to $30 (depends on the registrar you choose).

Please mind the fact that author of this post is the current owner of domain name.

I will be reporting all interesting .pl domain name public auctions to give you a possibility to invest in ccTLD domain market (in .PL market in that case). In the meantime you can try to find some names here – the list includes all .pl names on public auctions with one bid at least. To translate names into English please use Google translate tool.

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Poland Has More Domains Than France

Based on statistics delivered by NASK (Polish domain registry) and AFNIC (.fr registry) as from December 1st 2008 there are more .PL domain names (including and few other extensions) than .FR domains. This gives Polish .pl ccTLD 6th place in Europe with 1.29 million domain names registered.

Top 10 ccTLDs in Europe

.de (Germany) – 12.4 mln (United Kingdom) – 7.2 mln
.nl (Netherlands) – 3.16 mln
.ru (Russia) – 1.8 mln
.it (Italy) – 1.61 mln
.pl (Poland) – 1.29 mln
.fr (France) – 1.28 mln
.ch (Switzerland) – 1.17 mln
.es (Spain) – 1.1 mln
.dk (Denmark) – 0.96 mln


.eu (European Union) – 2.96 mln – this TLD should be treated more like .com or maybe .asia but not like ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain).


Distribution of different extensions among .pl ccTLD

.pl – 865.000 domains – 67% – 244.000 domains – 19% – 27.000 domains – 2% – 20.000 domains – 1.5% – 19.000 domains – 1.4%
others – 115.000 domains – 9%


Polish ccTLD is one of the fastest growing TLDs in the world – growth rate in the last 12 months – 66.7%.

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Polish .pl Domains – Part of ccTLD Fast Growing Domain Market

Nominet (registry for names) has recently published 2008 domain name industry report with very interesting information inside. You can find there quite a lot of useful data regarding ccTLDs (country code Top Level Domains) as well as global domain name statistics, growth rates etc. I really encourage you to read it carefully, because it’s a great source of precious knowledge.

Out of 174 millions domain names 45% is .com (down from 50% in 2005), ccTLD market accounts for 40% and it is constantly increasing (biggest markets are .cn – China and .de – Germany – each of them has 7% of domain pie). Other ccTLDs which are worth mentioning: – 4%, .nl – 1.7%. There are also several ccTLDs with more than 0.5% of total domain market share (more than 1 million domains). These are .it, .us, .br, .ru, .au, .fr, .ch, .pl, .ca, .jp, and .es. Some of those TLDs are growing very fast (statistics include last 12 months) – like Chinese .cn – 88.1% growth, Spanish .es – 67.1% growth, Polish .pl – 66.7%, Russian .ru – 64.2%. France, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Argentina grew by more than 20%. It shows the potential of ccTLD market and how lucrative market it can be in the near future.

Let’s look at growth rates among groups of domain names – gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains like .com, .net, .org, and .info) – 10% growth compared to 30% growth in 2006. ccTLDs26% growth (37% in 2006). It seems that ccTLD market wasn’t affected by the crisis so much as global domain market. Back in 2007 when I talked with other attendees of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference there were almost no interest in ccTLD market. Now this most known domain conference is coming to Europe in June 2009 and would be devoted entirely  to country code domains. Also live auction at the Netherlands T.R.AF.F.I.C. show will consist entirely of ccTLDs – as DNJournal informs.

OK, so have a look at one of those growing ccTLD markets – Poland. The country in Central Europe with population of 38 million, part of European Union since May 2004, one of the biggest countries in EU. With GDP PPP (gros domestic product, purchasing power parity) of $16,000 per capita (45% of GDP PPP per capita in France, Germany, UK or Canada but slightly more than in Russia and more than twice as much as in Ukraine). There are 1,277,000 .pl names (including and few other less popular extensions) and this number grew by 70% in last 365 days. This gives .pl domain 7th place in Europe as regards of domain quantity, just ten thousand domains less than .fr quantity. According to NASK (.pl registry) statistics – there are 5.42% of .pl domains parked. NameDrive accounts for 59% and Sedo for 41% of Polish parked names. You can find more statistics in NASK Q3 2008 report.

Domain market in Poland is very dynamic and fast growing market – has its own discussion boards, domain conferences, dropcatchers, aftermarket sites, Polish registry NASK offers DNT (Domain Name Tasting), WLS (Waiting List Service) and IDNs. .pl domain is also open for international investors – there is no local presence required, registration is fully automated and can be delivered by one of the NASK Partners. Cost of registration of .pl is as low as 10 PLN ($3). Renewal rates are much higher (unfortunately!) – 60 PLN ($20) per year. Renewal rate for .pl will be lowered next year to 40 PLN.

Recent .pl sales ($1 = 3 PLN, €1 = 3.80 PLN) (lawyers) – 70,000 PLN (MeetDomainers / (doctors) – 14,000 EUR (Sedo) (cameras) – 42,000 PLN (MeetDomainers / (photographs) – 26,000 PLN (MeetDomainers / (other word for flowers) – 18,000 PLN ( – (expert) – 17,080 PLN ( (impotence) – 17,000 PLN (
samochó (car – IDN) – 11,080 PLN (

I hope those information were interesting and useful. I will try to keep you up to date with Polish domain market and post quite often. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!

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