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Short .DE Domains Released:,, and more

On 12 January 2011, 10:00 CET, the central German registry DENIC released nine short .de domains for registration which were previously blocked due to temporary injunctions:,,,,,,, and Domains are now assigned to new owners.

Registration was based on “first come, first served” basis but while usually such domain landrushes are organized through EPP protocol, this time it was based on old school fax technology..

I can’t see any dropcatchers on the list except one: Michau Enterprises Limited (they snapped – European registrar and dropcatcher for .pl, .eu, .de and .sk domains. I am looking forward to see being auctioned at website.

List of all nine short .de domains and owners: Martin Steinkamp Felix Köhler Patrick Federhen Hans Lackner HR STAFFING CORP Martin Steinkamp Michau Enterprises Limited Edit Stein Martin Steinkamp

Some of the names listed above are worth well over 50-100k EUR. It will be interesting to see who will acquire or It is also good to see that HR STAFFING CORP from the US managed to register The more end users use short .de domains, the better.

Source: DENIC

Daniel Dryzek

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Results of .DE Sedo Pre-Auction (part 1)

After technical difficulties Sedo divided their 1, 2, 3-Character .de auction into three sections.

Sedo apologized for the problems. Sedo website was down for quite a long time before they brought it back to life.

Read more about recent changes in DENIC registration policies in my previous post, on Dominik Mueller’s blog and in the official DENIC press release.

Some of the high pre-sales at .DE Sedo Pre-Auction so far: 279,499 EUR 158,700 EUR 144,277 EUR 135,623 EUR 122,500 EUR 63,000 EUR 52,000 EUR 44,111 EUR 41,000 EUR
ö 40,000 EUR 37,000 EUR 36,100 EUR 31,000 EUR 31,000 EUR 30,500 EUR 30,000 EUR 28,800 EUR 27,000 EUR 26,500 EUR 26,100 EUR 24,500 EUR 22,500 EUR 21,956 EUR 20,600 EUR 20,500 EUR 18,001 EUR 17,500 EUR 14,500 EUR 13,500 EUR 12,500 EUR 10,000 EUR

Source: Sedo

In my next post I will publish results of one character .de domain names. Stay tuned!

EDIT: Check the results for one-character .de domains:

Daniel Dryzek

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