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New gTLDs (domains) are coming :)

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NameDrive – A New Player On The European Domain Auction Market

Looks like we have a new player on the Pan-European domain auction market. NDX Market auction of 3 letter .eu domains will end in the next 21 hours. Only one company was so far on this market and it was Sedo. Will NameDrive grow as a big domain auction and aftermarket Sedo competitor in Europe? Time will tell.

You need to be a certified member to bid on the auction and first you need to open an account too. Auction ends on 17 June 2010 at approximately 5pm CET.

All of the names have some bids, the minimum now is 20 EUR and most popular 3-letter .eu are now: 81 EUR, 73 EUR and 66 EUR – not that much..

I am really happy to see some initiative from NameDrive in domain auctions field. Domaining (especially ccTLDs) needs new marketplaces to boost business and make it more live and vibrant. Good luck NDX Market and I am looking forward to new auctions coming soon! Maybe the first Central and Eastern European domain auction..?

Daniel Dryzek

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Interview with Joerg Schnermann – General Manager at DomainSponsor Europe

DomainSponsor has recently established its European head office in Frankfurt, Germany. They have also announced DOMAINfest Europe that will be staged in Prague on 6-7 October, 2010.

It seems that DomainSponsor has taken it serious when it comes to European domain market and ccTLDs monetization.

Here is my interview with Joerg Schnermann – General Manager of DomainSponsor Europe about their expansion and plans for the future:

DD: How does DomainSponsor want to compete with well established European parking companies such as Sedo and NameDrive and how do you want to differentiate your offer?

JS: Sedo, NameDrive and other players all have their own strengths. DomainSponsor Europe brings a new competitive edge to the market. Our most important differentiation for publishers is maximum monetization. While this sounds ambitious, it is based on our strong technology platform which we’re continually improving. Unlike other companies, we invest heavily in optimization technology to maximize the return on publishers’ global domain assets. In addition, we have the best pro-active customer service in the market.

Just to add a little history, DomainSponsor pioneered the domain monetization industry back in 2002, well before Sedo and NameDrive appeared. So we consider ourselves to be extremely well established, with respect to monetizing traffic.

DomainSponsor recognizes that Europe is not just one market like US. It is very heterogeneous with more than a dozen different ccTLDs, languages, cultures, legal requirements, etc. We understand the differences. We will take a market by market approach, to best meet different user behavior and domainer requirements. We know that we have to customize solutions for our customers.

Hence our goal for the European marketplace is to listen to local domain investors, learn about unfulfilled needs and goals, and then build a better suite of monetization services than they have access to today. We have a big advantage in making this happen because we can build upon the technology, experience, and knowledge that has helped us become the leader in monetizing traffic. And since we are taking a fresh look at the European marketplace, we have the additional advantage of not being locked into a previous way of thinking. We can tailor our technology and service to what is happening in the industry today and what local domain investors see happening in the future.

The first step in our process is to establish a strong presence in Europe. Then, we’ll continue to build relationships and promote new developments, bringing the latest technology to each market.

DD: Are you going to localize your services for specific countries or leave is as it is now, with one website

JD: The website,, is actually the publisher interface where our account and reporting tools are found. All domain administration can be done by our publishers here.

For the immediate future the website will remain unchanged. Going forward, our plan is to localize or better geo-target the website as we grow our presence in Europe. We already have plans to allow users to select one of several languages when viewing either the front-end informational pages or back-end account management tools. Our goal is to make the website more informative and useful to prospective and current clients who may not be 100% comfortable with English. Initially, we will be offering languages from countries with the biggest market opportunities.

Right now our first priority is to improve existing monetization methods and test new ones, on a country-by-country basis. We’ll localize our services for specific countries. For example, we will be enhancing our optimization technology so that it continuously analyzes, identifies, and uses the behavioral, keyword, and landing page nuances that are unique to each country, and in so doing, produces the maximum monetization on a country by country basis.

DD: What kind of advantages can European domainers expect when DomainSponsor has its subsidiary in Europe?

JS: Having been a domainer myself for over three years, I know that domainers are very interested in a real alternative to existing players in Europe.

Everybody in our value chain will realize the advantages of more competition and more choice. With DomainSponsor expanding its presence in Europe, all domainers will benefit because tougher competition will spur innovation and help to accelerate the evolution of the parking industry. and DomainSponsor are strong proponents of our industry, helping to reshape its image and build recognition for the value it contributes.

Moreover, our presence in Europe underlines the growing importance of the European markets in the global domain industry. Despite the economic downturn of the last 12-18 months, we see tremendous and sustainable growth potential in domain monetization. We are very excited to be playing a larger role in the European domain industry.

DD: Why did you choose Prague for your second European show (the first one was in Amsterdam as far as I remember)?

Actually the very first DOMAINfest was held in Barcelona in 2006. One year later we held DOMAINfest Amsterdam.

This time we couldn’t think of a better place to hold a conference than Prague. To many, Prague is in the “heart” of Europe. It is an incredibly beautiful city. Prague has it all — a rich history, stunning architecture, wonderful people and great nightlife. In addition, the city is very “conference friendly”, which will provide a truly unforgettable experience for attendees. DOMAINfest Europe attendees will be able to enjoy all that Prague has to offer before, during, and after the event.

It is also important to note that while DOMAINfest Europe will include a Moniker live domain auction, its primary goal is to provide attendees with an opportunity to network with colleagues and industry experts not only from Europe, but from around the world. DOMAINfest conferences have always offered unbeatable networking opportunities. And we think Prague is the perfect setting for an event like DOMAINfest which is so heavily focused on helping attendees build lasting and beneficial relationships.

Also, by having the event in Prague, we wanted to acknowledge and make it easy for domain investors to attend from emerging/newer European markets, like Poland.

DD: Thank you!

Joerg Schnermann is General Manager, DomainSponsor Europe. Schnermann previously was Chief Operating Officer of where he managed and expanded large portfolios of ccTLDs and monetized traffic through multiple channels. Prior to working in the domain business, he was a marketing manager with the Coatings Division of BASF AG, responsible for the development and launch of value-added services in eight European sales organizations. Schnermann also has a corporate banking background with Commerzbank AG. He received his B.A. in European Business from DCU in Dublin, Ireland as well as a “Diplom Betriebswirt” from the European School of Business in Reutlingen, Germany.

Daniel Dryzek

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Will You Renew Your .tel Domain Names? VOTE!

Most of .tel names are expiring this month. Will you renew your .tel domains?

I have only 10 .tel domains and I have just renewed all of them. There are some names for personal use and some for businesses. I am not a big fan of that extension but in some cases it can be useful. Renewal fee is about $10 / year.

Daniel Dryzek

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Why is Domaining Still so US Focused?

It was always very interesting but also wired to me that domaining was so US oriented. When I was at my first T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show in Las Vegas in 2007 nobody, NOBODY was really interested in ccTLDs. COM was king and there was no doubt  about it. This is still the case – COM is the most popular domain name in the world but this world is expanding very fast and COM share market is shrinking.

The truth is that in the European Union COM is usually the second or third domain name and ccTLDs are the kings of its markets. This is exactly the case in Poland, where I live and where are 1,7M .pl names registered. There are also 190,000 .eu names and only 170,000 .com domains. The same situation is in other markets such us .de (Germany), (United Kingdom) etc. According to the lates VeriSign report there are 83M COM domains and 76M ccTLDs.

And don’t get me wrong – it is OK for me as I have less competition here in Europe and I can easily buy good ccTLDs cheap and develop ccTLD projects but it is always strange to see how ignorant some people are.

The same case is with IDNs. I mean IDN names not TLDs – just to give you an example: poż would be IDN for nonIDN version The meaning for that domain is  “loan”. And YES, people in Poland start using IDNs a lot and in 2-3 years they will get more popular than nonIDNs. How do I know that? I see my IDN names statistics. For some pair of parked names – IDNs are getting more UV and revenue than nonIDNs.

But I have good news for ccTLD investors – good times for us are coming :) DomainSponsor has recently announced opening its subsidiary in Europe, DomainFest is coming to Prague in October 6-7, 2010 and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference is coming back to Europe in 2010, this time to Milan (Italy) and Dublin (Ireland). In September 2009 we heard that Go Daddy expands further into Europe with new data center to ensure faster access for Go Daddy’s growing European customer base. More of such news will be announced this year – there is no doubt about it.

And world is bigger than only US and the EU. There are big markets in Asia, South America as well – great potential there for sure. According to Internet World Stats US has now ~ 220M Internet users, EU: 310M, Asia: 740M (China: 360M), Brazil: 70M. BBC prepared nice Internet map, where you can see Internet penetration and users in the years 1998-2008. There are 1,7 billion Internet users on our planet Earth.

BTW Check out Facing The Absurd blog written by one of the finest European domainers. You will find there things that you won’t read about anywhere else.

Daniel Dryzek

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Domain Market in Europe

As I write more and more about European domain market and not only about Polish domain market, I think it is the best time to change the name of my blog to “Domain Market in Europe” (the old name was “Domain Market in Poland”).

As a result of that, from now on, you will find here much more information from European domain markets. I hope my blog will be a good place to find valuable information regarding European ccTLDs.

BTW The blog is also accessible under domain name ;)

Daniel Dryzek

Comments (3) (Phones in Polish) Sold for 13,500 EUR

PhoneLast week was a great time for Polish domain market. Premium name was sold for 13,500 EUR at Sedo (it took 1st place in DNJournal’s weekly sales report among ccTLDs). In my opinion it was a great deal for the buyer and the value is already much, much higher. It is worth to mention that the same company bought (doctors) on November last year for 14,000 EUR – also a great deal. will be developed into a website dedicated to mobile phones.

In another transaction changed hands for 10,000 EUR and for 4,000 EUR. It is interesting to see that English keywords in .pl domains sold for such a high prices. It is not usual that such names get big attention from the buyers. Usually most valuable are Polish keywords + .pl. But maybe growing number of Polish domains and less availability of interesting names will lead to higher prices also for English keyword domain names.

In two other private sales (dinners) changed hands for 15,000 PLN (3,500 EUR) and (wind energy) for 9,000 PLN (2,100 EUR).

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European .EU Domain Name Registrations Break 3 Million

EU FlagToday, January 11th, 2009, TLD of European Union has reached 3 million domains! You can check stats at EURid website. Previous milestones were achieved on 07.04.2006 (first day of landrush) – 1 million and just three months later on 05.07.2006 – 2 million .EU domain names.

Today at 8:30 PM CET .eu domain name has surpassed 3 million mark and is the fourth most popular domain in Europe (behind .de, and .nl).

Development of .eu domain

700 thousand new .eu Internet domain names in first four hours after .eu opened to the public.

1,0 million on first day of first-come-first-served launch of .eu
1,5 m .eu registrations in less than a week
2,0 m has been reached after three months after landrush on 3rd of July 2006
2,8 m mark passed on 7th of April 2008 – two years after launch of .eu TLD
3,0 m surpassed after 1010 days since landrush!

As the milestones show – .EU is one of the fastest growing new TLD and is getting stronger and stronger every year.

Top .eu registrations by country

1. Germany – 912,000
2. Netherlands – 407,000
3. United Kingdom – 368,000
4. France – 242,000
5. Poland – 171,000
6. Italy – 161,000

Source: EURid

Poland is definitely one of the leaders in .eu domain registration but has still far to go to catch up with Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. What is also interesting is the fact that number of .eu domains registered by Polish Internet users is similar or even higher than number of .com names (statistics say of about 160 thousand .com TLD used in Poland) .

Some of the .EU top sales – €250,000 ( 2006 ) – €150,000 ( 2006 ) – €51,000 ( 2008 ) – €30,000 ( 2007 ) – €36,500 ( 2006 ) – €28,000 ( 2009 ) – €23,000 ( 2007 ) – €20,000 ( 2008 ) – €16,000 ( 2008 ) – €7,000 ( 2008 ) – €5,500 ( 2008 ) – 4,600 ( 2008 )


.de (Germany) – 12,5 million (United Kingdom) – 7,3 m
.nl (Netherlands) – 3,2 m
.eu (European Union) – 3,0 m
.it (Italy) – 1,6 m
.pl (Poland) – 1,3 m
.fr (France) – 1,3 m
.es (Spain) – 1,1 m

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Four ccTLDs in TOP10 domain sales in 2008

Four out of ten highest sales in 2008 were ccTLDs, this is 4x more than in 2007. Among TOP 100 sales there were 10 ccTLDs (3x .de, 3x, 2x .nl, 1x .ca, 1x .es), they totaled $4,8 millon. German and UK domains are the strongest ccTLDs.

TOP 10 domain sales in 2008 $9,999,950 $1,659,000 €892,500 £560,000 $1,015,000 $850,000 $800,000 $750,000 €400,000 $600,000


In 2007 was the only ccTLD in TOP 10 (at 10th place).

List of all ccTLDs in TOP 100 highest sales in 2008

3 $1,169,175
4 $1,099,798
9 $625,060
10 $600,000
19 $344,710
24 $300,000
30 $258,000
51 $173,682
77 $118,440
81 $111,347

Previous year (2007) there were seven ccTLD sales in TOP 100:,,,,,, United Kingdom took four out of seven top ccTLDs.

Most popular ccTLDs in annual DNJournal sales charts

# 2008 2007 ccTLD Country
1. 23 27 .de Germany
2. 15 23 United Kingdom
3. 12 2 .fr France
4. 9 4 .ca Canada
5. 8 2 .nl Netherlands
6. 4 0 .pl Poland
6. 4 7 .tv Tuvalu
6. 4 4 .se Sweden
6. 4 5 .us USA
10. 3 4 .eu European Union
10. 3 0 .me Montenegro
10. 3 1 .it Italy

Germany and United Kingdom are the “kings” but they are declining (especially domain). Polish ccTLD with four sales in TOP 100 grabbed 6th place (ex equo .tv, .us, .es). French TLD is also very interesting, it rose from two sold .fr domains in 2007 to twelve in 2008! Look at the statistics above and make your own thoughts.

A little bit strange for me is the fact that there is no .cn name on the list – quite surprising, especially if we remember that .cn ccTLD has now more domains than any other ccTLD in the world (with more than 13 million names).

Comments (1) (Spanish 3-Letter ccTLD) Sold for 10,600 USD at Sedo

Spanish national was sold yesterday at Sedo online auction for 10,600 USD. This is one of the highest 3-letter ccTLD public sale ever. This is twice as much as the minimum wholesale price for 3-letter .com names (source). Another big sale of 3-letter ccTLD was (Poland) sold for 20,304 PLN (6,800 USD) in February 2007. Both of this domain names are 3-letter premium domains.

Average wholesale price for .pl, .es and many other 3-letter ccTLDs is few hundred dollars at D2D market (Domainer-to-Domainer). But end user prices are very often between 1,000 – 3,000 USD. Few examples of 3-letter ccTDLs sold recently (source): 1,650 EUR (Switzerland) 1,500 EUR (European Union) 1,400 EUR (European Union) 1,000 EUR (France)

In my opinion, this shows nice potential in 3-letter ccTLD market, where you can buy cheap (200-500 USD) and sell for few thousand USD. But to achieve good prices – you need to sell to end users rather to investors.

I personally own 1000+ 3-letter ccTLD domains (mainly .pl TLD) and I believe this is much better investment than 3-letter .com domains, where the wholesale price is already quite high and potential growth is lower than in ccTLD market.

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