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.eu – nobody likes it… besides end users

It is always quite awkward for me to hear from almost every domainer that .eu is dead and that this TLD is without future. Well, maybe but maybe not. If you look at the latest Sedo‘s Domain Market Study, you will see that .eu is second most popular ccTLD on Sedo’s marketplace. The .de extensions remains the most popular ccTLD at Sedo with 49% of total sales but .eu and account for 15% each.

.eu domains are not too expensive and overpriced – that’s why end users buy them and that’s why this TLD is getting more and more popular in the Internet.

I have never been to much enthusiastic about .eu names and I was always trying to find pros and cons of this new TLD. Time goes by and I see more and more pros everyday. Liquidity is one of the advantage that many TLDs don’t have.

Please be aware that I posses quite substantial amount of .eu domains in my portfolio, mainly in Polish language but also some in English and German – my favorite ones: and

Daniel Dryzek

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NameDrive – A New Player On The European Domain Auction Market

Looks like we have a new player on the Pan-European domain auction market. NDX Market auction of 3 letter .eu domains will end in the next 21 hours. Only one company was so far on this market and it was Sedo. Will NameDrive grow as a big domain auction and aftermarket Sedo competitor in Europe? Time will tell.

You need to be a certified member to bid on the auction and first you need to open an account too. Auction ends on 17 June 2010 at approximately 5pm CET.

All of the names have some bids, the minimum now is 20 EUR and most popular 3-letter .eu are now: 81 EUR, 73 EUR and 66 EUR – not that much..

I am really happy to see some initiative from NameDrive in domain auctions field. Domaining (especially ccTLDs) needs new marketplaces to boost business and make it more live and vibrant. Good luck NDX Market and I am looking forward to new auctions coming soon! Maybe the first Central and Eastern European domain auction..?

Daniel Dryzek

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38,172 .eu IDNs during the first hour

Today at 11:00 CET EURid (.eu registry) released .eu IDNs. 38 172 domains were registered during the first hour.

Total number of .eu names has just passed 3,100,000 domains. In the first hour of IDN .eu landrush 10 domains were registered each second.

Most of the best names were snapped by – Austrian drop catcher specializing in .eu drop catching (they have around 50 .eu registrars). Snapped .eu domains will be auctioned on Sedo platform. Auctions start tomorrow and are available only for preregistered customers.

First 10 IDNs registered:

1. ä
2. bö
3. flü
4. bü
5. ferienhä
6. reisebü
7. bü
8. kü
9. mü
10. ö

Which countries registered the most IDNs in the first hour?

1. Germany
2. Czech Republic
3. France
4. Luxemburg
5. Poland
6. Belgium
7. Great Britain
8. Greece
9. Sweden

Source: EURid

Daniel Dryzek

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European .EU Domain Name Registrations Break 3 Million

EU FlagToday, January 11th, 2009, TLD of European Union has reached 3 million domains! You can check stats at EURid website. Previous milestones were achieved on 07.04.2006 (first day of landrush) – 1 million and just three months later on 05.07.2006 – 2 million .EU domain names.

Today at 8:30 PM CET .eu domain name has surpassed 3 million mark and is the fourth most popular domain in Europe (behind .de, and .nl).

Development of .eu domain

700 thousand new .eu Internet domain names in first four hours after .eu opened to the public.

1,0 million on first day of first-come-first-served launch of .eu
1,5 m .eu registrations in less than a week
2,0 m has been reached after three months after landrush on 3rd of July 2006
2,8 m mark passed on 7th of April 2008 – two years after launch of .eu TLD
3,0 m surpassed after 1010 days since landrush!

As the milestones show – .EU is one of the fastest growing new TLD and is getting stronger and stronger every year.

Top .eu registrations by country

1. Germany – 912,000
2. Netherlands – 407,000
3. United Kingdom – 368,000
4. France – 242,000
5. Poland – 171,000
6. Italy – 161,000

Source: EURid

Poland is definitely one of the leaders in .eu domain registration but has still far to go to catch up with Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. What is also interesting is the fact that number of .eu domains registered by Polish Internet users is similar or even higher than number of .com names (statistics say of about 160 thousand .com TLD used in Poland) .

Some of the .EU top sales – €250,000 ( 2006 ) – €150,000 ( 2006 ) – €51,000 ( 2008 ) – €30,000 ( 2007 ) – €36,500 ( 2006 ) – €28,000 ( 2009 ) – €23,000 ( 2007 ) – €20,000 ( 2008 ) – €16,000 ( 2008 ) – €7,000 ( 2008 ) – €5,500 ( 2008 ) – 4,600 ( 2008 )


.de (Germany) – 12,5 million (United Kingdom) – 7,3 m
.nl (Netherlands) – 3,2 m
.eu (European Union) – 3,0 m
.it (Italy) – 1,6 m
.pl (Poland) – 1,3 m
.fr (France) – 1,3 m
.es (Spain) – 1,1 m

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