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One- and two-character domains allowed in .DE ccTLD

DENICDENIC will amend its Domain Guidelines with effect from 23 October 2009 and will thus abolish most of the restrictions currently applicable with regard to the registration of second level domains under the TLD .de. In doing so, the registry creates room for a large number of new domains. In future, also one- and two-character domains (digits and letters) as well as domain names composed exclusively of numerals will be allowed.”

“Parties interested in a “new” domain may now apply for their desired domain with their Internet service provider. The launch phase for the new domains will start on 23 October 2009 at 09:00 (MEST). To ensure a quick, secure, transparent and above all fair assignment procedure, DENIC will register the new domains applying the “first come, first served” principle.”

As from 23 October 2009 the following additional rules will apply for domains under the TLD .de:

  • One- and two-character domains as well as domain names composed exclusively of numerals can now be registered
  • Domains identical with combinations of letters that are used for motor-vehicle number plates or for TLDs are released for registration.
  • If I were DENIC I would sell new domains through auction. I would then pass money from the auction to some charity organization (DENIC is not-for-profit company). I am not sure if “first come, first served” is the best way to introduce one and two-digit domains on such a mature market as German one. What’s your opinion? Leave a comment!

    Few facts about .DE (German) market:

    Number of domains 13,134,897
    Domains per 1000 residents 160
    Registration fee 3,00 EUR net
    Renewal fee 3,00 EUR net

    Source: DENIC – October 15th, 2009

    Daniel Dryzek

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